October 10, 2020

LinQuest Expands into Huntsville

Building with LinQuest Logo

In 2020, LinQuest opened a new office in Huntsville, Alabama to meet the growing needs of customers in that rapidly developing market. Huntsville has been and continues to be a national nexus for the aerospace/defense industry.

Back in 1962, Governor James E. “Big Jim” Folsom proclaimed: “Huntsville, Alabama is to the Space Age as Detroit, Michigan is to the Automobile Age.” The Mercury Redstone rocket was developed in Huntsville to propel our nation’s first astronauts into space. NASA also chose Huntsville for their Marshall Space Flight Center, the source of propulsion systems, hardware, vehicles, and engineering technologies.

Now known as America’s Rocket City, Huntsville has made substantial contributions to aerospace manufacturing and experimentation, and is poised to have a major impact on future development.

“Our new office in Huntsville will position us to be on the cutting-edge of space and defense technology and solutions,” explains Tim Dills, President and CEO. “This is an exciting time for LinQuest.”