GPS Interference and Navigation Tool

GIANT is a mission-level simulation that evaluates the impact of Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) system performance on operational effectiveness in a benign or electronic combat environment

Features and

An GIANT user interface.


  • Detailed databases for platforms, user equipment, satellites, signals, jammers, and interference sources
  • Alternative/Complementary PNT including Doppler
  • Live, virtual, and constructive applications
  • Real-time data feeds and constellation status
  • Application programming interface (API)
  • Advanced anti-jam antenna models
  • Tightly and loosely-coupled Kalman filter GPS/INS integration
  • Tracking loop-based receiver
  • Terrain effects
  • GUI for setup and scenario visualization
  • Integrated 3D modeling
  • Import/export to multiple formats for post-processing and visualization


  • Comprehensive and pedigreed databases save significant time and resources
  • Facilitates rapid architecture trade studies to refine solution space
  • Verifiable and traceable PNT system requirements
  • Accurate and cost-effective evaluation of GPS-aided systems
  • Enables CONOPS and tactics, techniques, and procedures development
  • Supports exercises, wargames, and operational test planning
  • Supports hardware-in-the-loop analysis
A GIANT data output.