Our Heritage

A History of Excellence

LinQuest Corporation began business in February 2004, providing its government customers with highly valued, state-of-the-art, and cost-effective technical solutions that were unbiased, independent, clear, and based on experience and thorough knowledge of the subject matter. We trace our more than 40-year heritage back to LinCom Corporation. In 1977, our personnel began supporting the US Military Services in the development, testing, and deployment of various highly sophisticated Military Satellite Communications (MILSATCOM) programs. LinCom was acquired by Titan Corporation in 2000 and spun out as LinQuest Corporation in 2004.

Satellite close up.
C2 3D digital warfare environment.

Since then, LinQuest has grown and diversified its capabilities, expertise, and customer base to include multiple government agencies and commercial enterprises, while retaining its roots in engineering excellence and client satisfaction. It is this heritage that has evolved into the LinQuest culture that values people, technical expertise in engineering, operational domains, and technology solutions with an impeccable record for customers’ mission success.


LinQuest spun out of Titan and established as an independent company

Exclusively MILSATCOM-oriented

Communication Satellite.


Expanded into PNT mission with award of new program in GPS

GPS Satellite.


Leveraged MILSATCOM and GPS experience to win new programs in launch operations, SBIRS, GPS SE&I and MS&A

Satellite Constellation.


Awarded STEC09 on-orbit satellite operations and test contract

Digital representation of microsats.


Awarded the HQ AFSPC Contract for Space and Missile Capabilities (CSMC)

Flight 1 launch logo on rocket.


Awarded SMC MILSATCOM Enterprise SE&I prime contract

Invested in cyber, 3D virtualization, and MBSE capabilities resulting in expanded offerings

Digital satellite.


Awarded NRO prime contract vehicle focused on future architecture concepts

Awarded GSA OASIS prime contract; leveraged to become Top Five Air Force engineering services and support contractor

Digital command room.


Awarded prime contract with SMC SY, expanding space domain awareness capabilities

Awarded Principal DoD Space Advisor Contract

Awarded Trinity systems integration contract, bringing commercial solutions to IC

Satellite data communications network.


LinQuest MBSE solutions embraced by MILSATCOM Directorate, revolutionizing SMC engineering processes

Awarded SMC Remote Sensing prime contract, expanding presence supporting OPIR family of systems

Awarded STEC14 on-orbit satellite operations and test contract

MBSE model example.


Awarded prime contracts with SOCOM, NASA, and NOAA

Awarded Advanced Management Office (DAF/RCO) contract

Awarded SMC/AD METIS contract leading architecture development

Digital map.


Awarded DISA SETI, JNWC, and 460SW DCO contracts

Acquired by Madison Dearborn Partners and CoVant Management

Madison Dearborn Partners and Covant logos.
Navigation satellite constellation.


Awarded $500+M SMC MILSATCOM Systems Engineering, Integration, and Test (MSEIT) and USSPACECOM Stand-Up contracts

Acquired The Perduco Group – a leading data science and Ops Research company

The Perduco Group - A LinQuest Company logo.
Digital earth and satellite.


Awarded OASIS F&O Pools 1/3/4, international contracts, and Phase III contracts

Awarded enterprise operations SecDevOps contract by IC

Acquired TMC Design – Developer of leading tactical space superiority and NAVWAR systems

TMC Design - A LinQuest Company Logo.
TMC mobile terminal.


Awarded $70M Digital Engineering and $500M USSF Phase III contracts

Awarded $200M OPS CAP II contract partnering with USSF

Digital earth with shield and key.


Formed strategic partnership with SpiderOak to bring cyber solutions to national security space customers

Acquired Hellebore Consulting Group – Developer of software solutions for autonomous operations

Acquired Camo LLC – a leading integrator of new technologies for SOF customers

Hellebor and Camo LLC logos.
Soldier in the field using communications laptop.