Bilateral Enterprise Analysis Model

The Bilateral Enterprise Analysis Model (BEAM) is a defense enterprise-level simulation capable of exploring future technologies, strategies, force structures and the impacts of changing access to infrastructure and basing decisions all within the context of intelligent and adaptive adversaries.

An Advanced Warfighting Model

Today’s most advanced warfighting models are typically locked into a specific scenario simulating a static strategy, infrastructure and adversary behaviors. Revision to these elements of a scenario has traditionally been very time-consuming, impacting the ability to provide responsive analytic support. BEAM represents a revolutionary approach to more quickly answer these types of enterprise-level questions.

BEAM is capable of rapidly evaluating force structure and strategy across domains and scenarios. BEAM is a two-sided model and allocates forces to missions whose outcomes are stored from mission-level data. It operates on a standard data-structure for all types of missions, giving flexibility for insertion of new capabilities.

Features and


  • Evaluates how a single force structure and strategy performs in a scenario
  • Includes an adaptive adversary
  • Evaluates Blue and Red behavior identically
  • Assesses outcome implications between alternate strategies and force structures
  • Allows sensitivity analysis across scenarios and domains to highlight those factors most important to operational success
  • Quickly identifies attractive solutions or challenges to efficiently focus more detailed analysis using higher resolution models


  • Quickly runs, analyzes, and compares scenarios and excursions based on metrics such as objectives met, length of campaign, and ending force structure
  • Assesses trends in results to gain insight into strategy, force structure, and technological impacts
  • Tailors outputs to meet user requirements
  • Provides more responsive analytic insights by quickly modifying and running