What We Do

LinQuest Delivers Differentiated Technologies and Solutions Aligned to National Security Priorities. LinQuest’s core competencies address the entire program lifecycle and are applied by unbiased domain experts across distinct capability areas.


A communication satellite.

With deep subject matter expertise across all major DoD and IC mission areas, we are an industry leader in designing, integrating, and operating space systems. Our decades of experience span the space, ground control, and user segments.

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Spectrum Superiority

A GPS satellite.

We directly contribute to the nation’s ability to monitor the operationally critical spectrum to detect and rapidly understand and locate sources of interference and to fight through interfering signals at the tactical edge. Our pedigree stands on decades of expertise and operational spectrum superiority capabilities for tactical mobility, antenna design, and electronic signals.

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From Concept to Capability

The Needs

The solution

The Architecture

The System

The Components

Solutions support through the entire program lifecycle. Our core competencies address the entire program lifecycle and are applied by unbiased domain experts across distinct capability areas.

Rapid Prototyping
and Secure Manufacturing

A blueprint drawing of a satellite terminal.

With over 24 years of operational experience, we understand complex DoD requirements for radio frequency (RF) engineering; electronic warfare (EW) test equipment; position, navigation, and timing (PNT) assurance/denial; and high-power RF test equipment design and installation. We work with customers to provide hardware and software solutions for rapid prototypes and full system production.

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Commercial and International
Space Integration

A wireframe globe with connecting arches.

As a national security space leader, we have successfully partnered with commercial space companies and allies to develop their on-orbit capabilities and networks to align with government requirements and security and cyber constraints. We have been instrumental in the integration of commercial and international systems and solutions into the US national security space enterprise.

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Data Analytics

Digital terrain with nodes and data.

We support the defense RDT&E, modeling, simulation, and analysis (MS&A), and acquisitions communities to solve the toughest problems; collaborate with our client partners; augment their own experience, expertise, and intuition; and fundamentally improve the warfighter. We are recognized within the industry for premier operations research, data science, data management, and software development solutions.

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A digital soldier in front of a satellite network.

Building on a heritage of systems engineering expertise, we are leading the way in digital transformation for our customers through the application of digital engineering (DE) and advanced digital technologies to accelerate the pace of new technology adoption and fielding to outpace the threat.

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