Integration & Collaboration Environment

A state-of-the-art data analysis and visualization tool built around the user and their specific needs. It has the power to integrate virtually any tool on the market providing an unmatched digital engineering application. Implementing principals such as; digital fluency, digital modernization and digital dominance, ICE takes mission success and effective decision making to a whole other level.

Features and


  • Flexible Framework: Scalable architecture enables data and application integration to enable effective decision making
  • Advanced Visualization: Implements the latest tools and technology across browser, immersive 3D, VR and AR to optimize user experience
  • Cloud Native: Scalable, distributed processing based on DoD Cloud Computing Security Requirements; designed to deploy to Cloud One
  • Open Architecture: Built using open standard interfaces and designed to easily integrate both existing and future capabilities


  • Limited Purpose Rights: Allows users to own their data with no licensing fees
  • Open Architecture: Provides seamless integration of customer tools and applications in a cloud environment
  • Agile Software Development: Tailored to unique customer needs through intimately understanding customer needs and partnership from concept to deployment