Amped Up

Advanced Mission Planning Execution Distribution Utilization Program

AMPED-UP is a web-based collaborative mission planning capability designed for Joint All-Domain Operators. It transforms traditional methods of mission planning from whiteboards and laminated maps to an advanced digital environment. Working from the mission objectives backwards, it allows the Joint All-Domain Force to rapidly plan using Air Operations Center (AOC) data products for operator manipulation.

Allows the Joint All-Domain Force to rapidly plan

An Amped Up user interface.

AMPED-UP’s 3D tactical map allows operators to iteratively build deconflicted plans while honoring other constraints such as combat air patrols (CAPs), artillery, avoidance zones and stand off weapons. AMPED-UP, designed and implemented as a service oriented architecture (SOA), enables efficient development and eases integration challenges due to its module-based implementation and open architecture.

With initial planning complete, AMPED-UP’s automation allows operators to simulate the plan visualizing tactical gaps and holes and administer the development of contracts and contingencies IAW the integrated planning and employment pub.

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Features and


  • Web-based, 3D collaborative planning environment giving geographically separated crews an extraordinary level of data to manipulate quickly across the Joint community
  • Open architecture design aligned with the Next Gen Mission Planning System (NGMPS), Navy Open Mission System (NOMS) and JMPS Open Mission System (JOMS)
  • Mission rehearsal ensuring all participating aircrew members understand the mission and associated contingency and contract plans. Rapid iteration re-plan capability


  • Transforms traditional mission planning products and processes into the digital age
  • Decreases the time required to plan complex joint missions
  • Enables tactical and strategic situational awareness throughout the Command and Control chain
  • Allows mission products to be printed or exported to an aircrew’s “Electronic Flight Bag” for in-flight use or into Joint Mission Planning Software (JMPS)/NOMS/JOMS