March 22, 2023

LinQuest and SpiderOak Establish Strategic Partnership to Offer Cyber Solutions to National Security Space Customers

Digital Dashboard with Earth and satellite data

LinQuest, a leader in national security space solutions and technology, and SpiderOak, the leader in zero-trust cybersecurity solutions for next generation space systems, announced today a strategic partnership to protect space mission systems for government and commercial customers.

“LinQuest is excited to showcase SpiderOak’s game changing OrbitSecure technology to our national security space customers,” said Joe Dodd, LinQuest’s senior vice president for corporate development. “Cyber-attack poses the highest risk to space assets and this partnership opens the door to many new opportunities to provide essential technology solutions to our customers.”

SpiderOak’s zero-trust OrbitSecure software was developed for 21st century space needs and is also backward compatible to on-orbit constellations. OrbitSecure utilizes a new fully decentralized key management system allowing for full availability and continued operations in space despite disconnected or highly contested networks. This new capability provides enhanced decentralized space resiliency to mesh proliferated low-Earth orbit (LEO) networks by significantly reducing the attack surface and the ability of adversaries to jam, disrupt, modify, or contest space communications and satellite services.

LinQuest will perform in-depth testing and assessment of security, performance, and scalability of OrbitSecure for space assets in the company’s LinQlab, a scalable, flexible, state-of-the-art communications, software, and network technologies engineering, test, and integration lab.

“We’ve developed a strong relationship with LinQuest to leverage their deep knowledge and longevity in national security space while helping them provide a solution for secure communication and data to connect the space architecture together in a system of systems approach,” said John Moberly, senior vice president for space, SpiderOak. “We are looking forward to continued collaboration with the LinQuest team and are thrilled to announce this partnership.”