OASIS Unrestricted (UR) is a family of seven separate government-wide, multiple award, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (MA IDIQ) task order contracts administered under the authority of the US General Services Administration (GSA) by local contracting officers, known as ordering contracting officers (OCO). OASIS UR contracts are designed to provide the best value services for the following complex professional service requirements:

  • Span multiple professional service disciplines
  • Contain significant IT components, but are not IT requirements in and of themselves
  • Contain Ancillary Support components, commonly referred to as other direct costs (ODC)
  • Require flexibility for all contract types at the task order level, including cost reimbursement
  • Can be one service or a combination of the above

Agencies can buy professional services, such as management and consulting, engineering, logistics, and financial services. Cutting across each of the core disciplines are eight lifecycle phases where agencies may need professional services support, such as requirements analysis, concept development, planning, acquisition, research and development, test and evaluation, implementation, and operations and maintenance. OASIS UR includes several notable features and benefits:

  • Government-wide use
  • Access to best-in-class solution providers
  • On-ramp/off-ramp procedures to ensure a flexible, vibrant vendor pool
  • Integrated support for key government initiatives

LinQuest Corporation is a prime contractor in four of the seven OASIS UR pools (contracts): Pool 1, Pool 3, Pool 4, and Pool 5B. Details of each pool (contract) are located at the associated links.

GSA-OASIS UR Pool 1 Conformed Contract Thru PS-A864 2023.10.23
GSA-OASIS UR Pool 3 Conformed Contract Thru PS-A864 2023.10.23
GSA-OASIS UR Pool 4 Conformed Contract Thru PS-A864 2023.10.23
GSA-OASIS UR Pool 5B Conformed Contract Thru PS-A864 2023.10.23