Browser Settings for eMC2

There are no specific browser settings needed to access eMC2.

Users should access eMC2 with their CAC/ECA certificate.

Chrome or Edge is the preferred browser for eMC2 access.

Note: FireFox Browser is not preferred. Some eMC2 pages may not appear correctly in this browser.

There are some behavioral issues in the Edge Browser found on the “Known Issues" eMC2 page.

Issue: 'Right Click Export to Excel' not an option in Edge Browser

Work Around: In order to Export to Excel in the Microsoft Edge Browser, go to the Ribbon and choose Export to Excel.

Issue: SharePoint "Open with Explorer" options

Work Around: SharePoint "Open with Explorer" command is available with the IE and Chrome Browser ONLY.

The Open with Explorer command is NOT supported in the Microsoft Edge Browser.

The available option for Edge is saving files by drop and drag.

If you need to use the"Open with Explorer" option to move around a large number of files and/or folders, and Edge is your default browser, you will need to make Chrome your Default browser and restart your computer.

Once you restart your computer and Chrome is your default, go to the SharePoint folder location, right click, choose Copy Shortcut and Paste the shortcut into Windows Explorer. You will be prompted to enter your password and then you will have access to the file tree structure.

To create a desktop shortcut, from the Windows Explorer window, right click the folder you always need to access and choose Send to Desktop (create shortcut). The folder structure will continue to open in Windows Explorer so that you can easily manipulate files and/or folders.