LinQuest has developed a secured, cloud-based data and analytics fusion system that lives in the cloud and can be used to support mission planning and analysis, tactical situational awareness (SA), data visualization, decision-making, and mission execution via a 3-Dimensional virtualized, collaborative user experience.

How it Works

3DataLinQ is a virtual collaborative analysis environment that uses the latest gaming technology to create a 3D virtual space where analysts can interact with Big Data processing without having to navigate Big Data engineering — all from the cloud environment.
3DataLinQ Fact Sheet

3D Virtualization, Visualization, and Immersive Collaboration

Using the latest gaming technology, LinQuest is leading the way to create a "World of Warcraft©" environment enabling analysts to collaborate from anywhere on the globe. They will be able to interact with Big Data processing without having to navigate Big Data engineering; all working together in virtual space. Legacy browser-based applications, real-time video feeds, video/audio conferencing, Common Operating Pictures (COP), User-Defined Operating Pictures (UDOP), Cesium integration, 3D Geo-centric simulations, and remote virtual desktops are just a few of the many standard features. 3DataLinQTM is wrapped in its own secured VM, runs on 23 platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPad, and VR wearables, uses a common code base, and streams to users via SaaS from the cloud environment.

Fused Data Feeds

3DataLinQTM fuses multiple data feeds using high-speed stream messaging, dynamic queueing, hub-based topologies, routing tickets, and encrypted payloads. Data from disparate sources and multiple domains (e.g., space, air, cyber) can be rapidly visualized, providing SA and enhancing understanding.

Fused Analytics

3DataLinQTM fuses analytics by executing in a multi-tenancy cloud environment under resource orchestration. Temporal, text, geospatial, and machine learning analytics register their services to create an extensible analytic fabric on a massive scale that can autonomously enrich your metadata. 3DataLinQTM enables analysts to view the problem space, support decision-making and tactically execute courses-of-action in real time.

Security and Mixed Classifications

When integrated on a mixed classification network environment, such as a 'Purple Network', the 3DataLinQTM 3D user experience provides multiple layers of security, down to the pixel-level, to allow collaboration across multiple security domains, enabling remote collaboration managed through permissions and access.