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Model–Based Systems Engineering — Integrated

LinQuest's unique enterprise lifecycle engineering, verification, architecture, test and evaluation MBSE methodology goes beyond "traditional" MBSE capabilities by integrating key tools into a seamless MBSE framework.

About MBSEi

MBSEi can be used to provide solutions directly focused on addressing critical program challenges and improving execution success early and in any phase of the project lifecycle.

The key–and the LinQuest difference–is the integration with standard and custom models, simulations, tools, and databases.

Features and Applications

MBSEi is a core capability for program planning, traceability, dependency assessment, architecture, analysis, and impact assessments. Our coordinated, model-centric approach uses common data and shared views to improve technical baseline document quality, change control, stakeholder integration, collaboration, and execution. Requirements captured in the MBSE model repository save months of development time. MBSE-i provides cohesive end-to-end, rapid, accurate, objective, repeatable, and consistent analysis in support of integration activities that reduces cost growth and schedule delay. Relevant applications include: