LinQuest's advisory and assistance services consist of critical thinking, project management, course of action development, and strategic messaging in direct support of senior leaders.

Advising Across Headquarters
Air Force Space Command

LinQuest Corporation provides unique expertise in strategic planning including support to HQ AFSPC for organizing, training, and equipping the space and cyberspace forces. LinQuest accomplishes strategic planning support through an innovative team of seasoned experts with most having more than 20 years of experience. For the Strategic Plans Branch (A8XP), LinQuest supports the AF Space and Cyberspace Superiority Core Function Support Plans (CFSP). LinQuest assists in performing analyses and development of national and military space and cyberspace strategy, doctrine, and policy to support AF and AFSPC efforts. LinQuest also helps evolve strategy, doctrine, policy, and command relationships for national and military space and cyberspace in operations, exercises, war games, and Service, Joint, and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) doctrine. LinQuest developed an innovative database for AFSPC planners to address data access issues and taskings for archived data. This helped facilitate HQ AFSPC production of the Core Function S Plan (CFSP) and resulted in the Command's ability to produce CFSPs at least two months early.

"Without [LinQuest], we don't do nearly as well..., so I wanted to say thank you for your leadership, patience, and stellar work ethic and all around abilities to get stuff done, deal with difficult situations (and people) and maintain overall are the bedrock and foundation of our Branch and you are greatly appreciated."

— Branch Chief —

For the Strategic Plans, Programs, Requirements, and Analysis Directorate (A5/8), LinQuest supports space and cyberspace mission system analysis, capability integration mission analysis, Operations Center's mission analysis, AFSPC Operations requirements analysis, and strategic technical planning and analysis. The LinQuest Concept Development team developed an innovative process to expedite classified concept review and coordination. The process has resulted in completed classified concepts that are approved and signed 25 percent faster than when processed under the old system.

"The LinQuest team is the backbone of HQ AFSPC concept development."

— Deputy Branch Chief —

For Space Control and Cyber Mission Support, LinQuest provides intelligence, operations, logistics, requirements development, mission assurance, security, and planning integration support to a variety of HQ AFSPC customers. LinQuest personnel implemented an innovative internal procedure to streamline Special Access Program (SAP) Personnel Access Requests (PAR) processing that reduced processing to 6 days, down from an average of 21 days.

"LinQuest personnel look for ways to improve processes and implement them. They are a pleasure to work with."

— Space Control Contracting Officer Representative —

“I appreciate the opportunities LinQuest has given me to grow and reach my professional goals. The company takes time to get to know each of us and truly appreciates our work.”

— Concepts Team Lead—

“I love my job and am loyal to LinQuest because it enables me to continue to provide service to my country in a meaningful way...”

— Strategy/Policy/Doctrine Team Lead —

“LinQuest has been very good for my career progression. I was hired into the company as a Team Lead and have now progressed to the position of Task Lead with oversight of triple the number of people. My leadership provides me guidance and then allows me to lead my team without micromanaging me. Opportunity, combined with encouragement and stimulus, makes me feel like I am an integral part of the company's mission.”

— Space Control Team Lead —

Advising Across the Space Superiority Enterprise

LinQuest Corporation provides a technically competent engineering work force to support and provide guidance to SMC/SY and the Systems Engineering and Integration Division (SYE). Team LinQuest provides directorate-level systems engineering across the Space Superiority Enterprise to include the development of technical planning and engineering solutions. The team works to identify issues and provide technically sound solutions and/or recommendations to meet the needs of the customer. Additionally, the team evaluates applicable tools, techniques, and processes and continually recommends improvements and enhancements. The team also reviews systems and subsystem concepts, designs, specifications, tests, procedures, documentation, and analyses to assess compliance with applicable regulations, requirements, and standards.

LinQuest supported the Space-Based Space Surveillance Follow-On (SBSS FO) program by leading systems engineering and acquisitions teams and having tremendous impact advancing the program through major milestones. The team's relentless effort resulted in the successful development of the program's Acquisition Strategy, Request for Proposal (RFP) package, and accompanying Statutory and Regulatory documentation. The team advised the program manager and Integrated Product Team (IPT) leads through the acquisition processes and provided critical recommendations to support program decisions and overcome challenges. The program managers have been impressed with LinQuest's performance and recommendations, which led to their nominations of LinQuest personnel for quarterly awards. Team LinQuest's accomplishments have been critical to the SBSS FO program's continued success, and are reflected in the approval of a Material Development Decision (MDD) and successful Acquisition Strategy Panel (ASP). It was critical these two milestones were completed by the end of Fiscal Year 2016. The team was successful in meeting those milestones and ensuring the program could continue.

Our schedules were used to demonstrate how technical refresh could be sped up by seven years resulting in a projected savings of $65M. These products are unique to LinQuest due to role the company plays within the SY Engineering and Integration Division, which provides enterprise engineering support across all SY programs.

LinQuest was an integral member of the SMC JSpOC Experimentation, Testing, and Training Initiative (JETTI) Team that planned a series of operational experiments to improve Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) for Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and Battle Management Command and Control (BMC2) operations. These test events have also highlighted improvements needed to the Space Surveillance Network (SSN), capabilities for future space surveillance sensors, and tools that will allow JSpOC/JICSpOC operators to addresses evolving threat scenarios. In addition, the JETTI team informs SMC, 14AF, and other stakeholders on recommended SSN and BMC2 improvements, impacting acquisition decisions for Joint Mission System (JMS) and related systems.

LinQuest provides systems engineering and integration support for the JMS and Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) Mission System. Leveraging extensive experience in software development and test processes, the team assisted the Air Force by developing 22 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). These SOPs standardize processes that apply to the entire enterprise and allow them to better manage this extremely complex system. Team LinQuest also advises in leadership positions including one of three Test Managers for formal Development and Operational Test activities and as the Risk Manager providing management of all future risks and current issues.

“I was given the opportunity to join a highly skilled team in planning, analyzing, collaborating, defining, and developing resilient and affordable enterprise space-based capabilities for the joint force and the nation. The career satisfaction of being on the LinQuest team and supporting the customer's vision and turning it into a reality is incredible.”

— Systems Engineer —

LinQuest provides specialized space and cyber intelligence expertise to the SMC's Space Superiority Systems Directorate's Intelligence Branch (SYEI). LinQuest personnel deliver technical intelligence information and data, expert assessment of foreign military space and cyber capabilities, intelligence handling and policy guidance, and investment recommendations to more than forty programs, including one of the Advanced Systems Division's (SMC/SYA) flagship program of record. LinQuest's intelligence services have been able to acquire critical targeting products from the supported COCOM due to our strategic, knowledgeable, aggressive, and persistent approach to providing expert intelligence services to the directorate's programs.

Team LinQuest leads enterprise scheduling for the entire SY portfolio. We built the first 20-year portfolio SSA Enterprise Roadmap using Milestones Professional software for 40-plus missions by aligning acquisition with operations. We also produced a Tier III DSC2-D Roadmap used by SY and SMC leadership to brief the AFSPC/CC. This Roadmap product also influenced legacy sensor Shelf Life Extension Program (SLEP) strategy.

Advising Across the National Security Space Enterprise

LinQuest provides technical, acquisition-related, and support advisory and assistance service (A&AS) across a broad spectrum of national security space missions for a Pentagon customer.

LinQuest performs technical design and implementation of a mission assurance architecture framework for decision support and evaluation of disparate space architectures with respect to mission performance and resiliency over a period of epochs taking into account the evolution of new systems, protection technologies and techniques, threats, and political intents/scenarios. This framework has become a standard for assessing resiliency and has been successfully accepted by the National Security Space community.

"I have the A team."

— Under Secretary of the Air Force —

"I hit the ground running at LinQuest. I have been able to impact the most senior decision-makers at the DoD and interact with top professionals in my field. We are a tight-knit team of government employees and contractors working side-by-side to achieve shared goals for the US National Security Space (NSS) Enterprise!"

— New LinQuest employee —